Asset 2 in 1 skateboard footstop


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  • 9/16 bolt wrench.
  • 1/2 bolt wrench.
  • Bottle opener.
  • 2.5″ wide x 4″ long.
  • 100 grams.

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The Asset 2 in 1 skateboard footstop brings the answer to an overly asked question: does anyone have a skate tool?

Until now having a tool available has been a bit of a pain, trying to store one in your leathers or pockets without compromising safety is on everyone’s mind.  The Asset footstop holds a custom made skate tool so you can swap wheels or make adjustments at a moments notice.
Keep track of your tool,  skate tools are often left behind or passed on but no one seems to have one.  Before you drop in check your foot and make sure the tool is firmly planted back in place so you can ride away and worry less about swapping wheels.

This concept was created to aid any freeride skater who has a serious habit of burning through wheels, Riders that tear up race wheels, or people who commit to one set up for all disciplines and just need to make adjustments between terrain.
We hope you enjoy the Asset footstop as much as we do.

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